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22' Carbon Fiber Trail Mast

22' Carbon Fiber Trail Mast

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The carbon fiber trail mast is perfect for SOTA, travel or backpacking. This light weight mast weighs in at 11 ounces and measures 30" when collapsed and 22 feet when fully extended. This mast is strong but super flexible at the tip and works great for light weight wire antennas like the PackTenna Mini end fed wires. You can mount light weight feedpoints about half way up the mast.

The mast comes in a thin fabric storage bag and includes an extra set of the three smallest mast segments.  The end cap pops off for easy access and the bottom cap unscrews.  When you pull out segments from the top, they all come out and you use a little twist to snug them together.  If you remove the bottom end cap all the segments come out for easy replacement.  The smallest segment at the top has a 1-1/2" string attached to allow you to easily connect the antenna wire or a small  swivel or clip.  

The new PackTenna VHF feed points have a 0'6" hole that is designed to fit over the tip of a trekking pole.  This diameter will rest on the end of the 4th mast segment placing the feed point at about 8.5" elevation.  The mast will support the VHF PackTenna mount and whips up to about 16'.

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