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1:1 Feed Point Balun

1:1 Feed Point Balun

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Part Number:PT104
The PackTenna balun matches the unbalanced feedline to the balanced antenna. Using high quality PTFE (Teflon) coax, the balun reduces common mode current from flowing back down your feed line and causing RFI problems. The PackTanna balun is also the feed point connection where the coax cable connects and where the wire antenna elements plug in to the system. The balun PCB provides 5 banana jacks. Two for the center pin and three for the ground side of the feed line. This unique deisgn makes the balun a universal connection point for any antenna configuration from dipoles and vees, to verticals. The side loops on the balun PCB provide mechanical connection points for the wire element S-Clips. The balun feed point PCB is secured to the antenna mast with two mini-bungee cords. These bungees grip the mast tightly without crushing it.

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